Picking Up Pebbles

God is my Rock.
My salvation.
My hope.
My security.
The person I can always depend on.

And we all nod together
Filled with gratitude
At God’s faithfulness.
With the encouragement of other Believers
We gladly affirm its reality.

But somehow it gets harder
When, alone, we face
Our lives, ambitions, pressures,
Petty people, and grand desires.
And our dedication to the rock develops cracks.

In my reading, God showed me what happens:
My vision narrows, and I put my faith
In pebbles instead of the rock:
In the practical things
That solve the everyday problems.

For me I don’t even have to list them.
But an inescapable principle pops up:
Whatever my “bottom line” is
Will determine the pebbles I pick up to put my trust in.
And I (and I’m sure you) certainly don’t do it on purpose.

But we pick up the things that ease our basic struggles.
But I turn to things that help me confront
My need for some level of recognition…
Things that help me find ways to use my gifts….
And that’s just starting – you have your list too.

In this case I pick up the pebble
Of people’s acceptance and understanding.
The pebble of work I love and am good at,
The pebble of family connections,
The pebble of the simple joys of life…

All good things in themselves
But too often there comes a time
When all we have left is a pocket full of pebbles.
And when we understand what we’ve done,
We run to the rock.

And the rock is right where it was
When I started gathering pebbles.
I meet with God and we start again.
Each time I repeat the process
I keep God as my rock a little longer.

My resolve grows
God promises strength.
Once again to live a Godly life
Becomes by bottom line.
And with God’s help I intend to stay here.

Scripture: Psalm 62:5-12
Inspired by devotional in DISCIPLINES 2011 (published by Upper Room)

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