Satan’s Ammunition

She said to me,
“The Devil can only use
What you try to hide.”
And it struck a note with me.

How ashamed we are of the small things:
Our social goofs, our faults, our weaknesses,
The buttons people can push to us make respond certain ways.
We hide them to keep others from knowing who we really are.

For if they know it all, they will think less of us.
If they know it all, they know how to control us.
If they know who we are, people will know we are not
The person we want everyone to think we are.

But what if God frees us so we can confess the faults,
Take responsibility for who we are, mistakes, weaknesses, strengths, talents, and all?
Inspirational speakers insist it is good. Yet it is difficult to find a balance
Between unstable emotionalism and quietly living transparently.

When we constantly hide, presenting to people what will make them think the best of us,
We live in fear of being discovered as a not so invincible person with real weaknesses.
If we let God help us live honestly, sharing our needs and weakness,
We remove the accusations Satan uses to make us miserable.

I know, I’ve been there, am still there, and know God can help us.
I know the freedom it brings as I try to live as a whole person God has redeemed.
With God’s courage and help, not thinking more of myself than is reality,
Nor thinking less of the person God has made me.

Sondra Redmon is pursuing writing book with this theme, telling her spiritual journey.
I hope she does it.
I’m quoting her and recording my first response to our conversation.

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