The In Between Times

Between God’s work, the music, the writing and people in my life,
I often allow myself to become preoccupied with the accompanying responsibility.
Why I think I’m responsible, I have no idea,
But it seems to me sometimes I make up responsibility when there is none.

And I worry about the negative effects it has on my witness.
I worry about God not being able to use me because I …. Well
Everyone have their limitations of effectiveness.
I become frightened I cannot do a good job while trying to do it all.

Then, somewhere in the middle of all this emotional and mental activity,
God comes and pours a pitcher of grace over my head.
His soothing presence allows me to catch my emotional breath,
And I find I’m able to turn all that worry over to him.

I realize things happen and change for reasons having nothing to do with me.
Life goes on, and things are never the same again.
Those who can’t accept it worry me, because I can’t fix it.
I can just go on keeping my eyes on God and his future.

And when God’s grace comes, I come to a place of quiet.
Life will change,
Some things die and others rise up to take their place.
And in all, God is here, pouring grace over us all.

And the times in between the worrisome emotional tides
Become precious, peaceful times of enjoying God’s rest.
I breathe God’s presence deeply, relishing the incense of joy.
And filled with grace, I turn to resume the life God has granted.

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