Respect: One Simple Thing

Scripture speaks of a party spirit, (Galatians 5:20 Amplified Bible)
But it’s not the University par-ty! par-ty! Spirit.
It’s using ideology, religious bent, difference in life style
As the excuse to angrily part ways – break fellowship
Lose respect.

Humans draw lines.
Kids wearing school uniforms may have stopped violence over clothes envy,
But I witnessed kids drawing lines characterized by
How many and the message of the arm bracelets they wore – bling.
Some societies still use ‘good families’ – we use money, position, and religion as our chalk.

We could stop there, acknowledging wealth, position, heritage and religion separate us.
But instead of stepping over the line, we use it to enable and feed our scorn and disrespect.
We personify the Biblical Party Spirit: derision becomes a journalistic tool,
We pit generations and geographical areas against each other, calling it demographics,
We attack opponents’ worth, and disrespect is a political weapon or even justifies homicide.

Why do humans draw lines?
What drives us to scorn people who bring change we fear?
Why do we generate hate over differences?
And if we say we draw lines because of some need for safety,
It is not a product or measure of the distance between us and God?

I don’t think it’s God’s fault or a defect of our design.
I’m afraid it’s when I am the only controlling interest in my life,
When all I care about is me and mine,
And all my life is centered around getting ‘us’ what we want,
Respect – the simple idea that everyone’s value is equal – is lost.

There’s a math set theory concept that puts a different spin on equality.
Two sets that contain the same number of items
Are considered equivalent – not equal in the sense of being the very same,
But of the same value.

I like this idea applied to people.
It allows for all the differences in us.
The things we value, how we are hard-wired,
Creative, spiritual, logical, color of skin,
Scientific, romantic, military bent, primarily heart belief,
Or thinking, scholarly belief, no belief, and everything between –

God equipped us, giving us the same rights and position in His consideration.
But we are not the same –
We are wildly different in ability, station in life, influence, and activity.
We must quit trying to make us be the same – valuing each other by achievements,
And begin thinking about our shared value instead of drawing ‘us and them’ lines.

I’m learning a new kind of respect.
Built on equivalence, not strict equality as we think of it.
That leaves me the right to choose my way,
Without resorting to the parting of ways with ideologies,
Without having to question my respect for people who are so different from me.

It’s such a tiny thing – respect.
Both giving and receiving respect changes us all.
So, is it really that easy? Or even that simple?
Even admitting there are people who will never understand the concept of respect,
Would our world be so different if we lived in respect of each other?

If so, how do I get the desire to respect?
And how do I overcome the desire to drawn lines?
Ho do I learn to value others as I do ‘me and mine?’
How can respect be my first reaction?
Instead of fear, suspicion, scorn or hate?

I long to make the answer easy – God.
If that’s so, why are there so many inward sighted, bitter, arrogant Christians?
Maybe it’s so hard because respect has to come from our core.
We can’t fake it – or we’re merely being civil.
And people know the difference.

So, first it has to be genuine – there can be no point of contact without it.
That means God has to change me inside so my core generates genuine respect.
But first I must want to change, I must ask God to change me, and then live accordingly.
Our society understand some things as reflected in the random acts of kindness movement,
Respect acts that way, rippling out from me. But first God must change me.

Galatians 5: 19-20 Amplified Bible (Read Galatians 5: 16 to 20 for context.)

Now, the doings (practices) of the flesh are clear (obvious); they are immorality, impurity … Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, (ill temper), selfishness, divisions, (dissensions), party spirit (factions)

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