In the last years of his life E. Stanley Jones had a stroke.
He recovered enough to write one more book with a daughter’s help.
As he wrote what he had learned he stated he felt
God was asking him to live out what he had written and preached his whole life.

Today God brought this man and his words to mind.
As life has changed, and I am no longer doing what I have done many years,
I find myself going over the words I have said over and over.

I always rebelled when people,
Usually during a discussion about music, Insisted they had no talent. I said,
“Just because you don’t have a public talent, like music,
Does not mean your talent is worth less.”

And now I am no longer regularly share the music publically,
I ask myself what as I to do?
How am I to be involved?
Can I just sit back?

We all know the answer to that last question.
I still have work to do.
I might even have undiscovered talents.
The question is, am I willing to practice what I’ve preached?

God, life is good, but take my need for public ministry.
Help me encourage those still on the front lines.
Help me enjoy being ministered to.
And help me find new ways to serve.

Jo Bower


  1. Well, I hope you aren’t leaving your music behind entirely!

    Pete and Jan are due in town this weekend so we’re having an old Kimball get-together on Saturday evening at the Martins.


    1. Linda: Thanks for your comment. Actually the pianist just found out I play and gave me a hug. It seems she and her husband have not been able to vacation together for several years, and was desperate for a sub to come along. So, God is taking care of me even as I struggle with giving it up. Tell everyone hi, give them our regards.


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