Sometmes Quietly

Sorry, I don’t have any angst today,
No tears to cry.
I had a panic attack the other night over the past,
But God once again assured me the past has not been wasted.
The work God called me to and whatever we did together still has and will always have value.

So today a quiet spirit resides as I look into the future.
When I talk to my elderly mother and she says there is no news
We pause, then quietly laugh together and finish with
And that is probably a good thing.
Occasionally one of us adds, “l thank God for my life.”

Just by my finding significance in the above,
You most likely understand the achievement of this peace
Is not something that just came in the mail.
Disappointment, hurts, failures, insecurities – As common as they are to all of us,
Have often threatened disintegration for my melancholic personality.

But, as my conversation with my mother testifies,
God is the great enabler – the one who overcomes and bestows overcoming.
Today’s quietness of spirit is because God overcomes.
And the hope for tomorrow’s peace and release for service
Is because God will always be the great enabler.

Sometimes, quietly, I can step back, take a deep breath,
And drink in the joy the relationship with God affords.
With each adversity comes a new struggle,
Followed by working-through and letting-go periods.
And God enables me to adjust so again I realize…

I thank God for my life.

2 responses to “Sometmes Quietly”

  1. thanks Jo for the insightful blog. I enjoy reading them. Hope you are well and doing ok. love you


    1. Thanks for reading and the encouragement. See you soon? Blessings.


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