Acceptance or Seeking

So today I prayed again, seeking God’s presence.
And that is the accepted language and thought pattern.

But what if it’s not all my job?
I’m afraid I’ve assumed it’s my responsibility to find God – like he’s lost or hiding.

What if seeking God is not such hard work?
What if seeking God is as easy as turning my face (attention) towards him?

In the contemporary language seeking implies digging through,
Creating a path, tossing out distractions, and extreme, concentrated effort.

So, I approach God that way:
As if it’s a painful, birthing process.

What if, when I turn my face towards him I find the banquet table all set and God standing at the head?
His hand is out, gesturing to me to be seated, “We were looking for you,” he says.

What if God is seeking me,
With as much or more intense concern that drives me to seek God?

And my seeking is as much accepting God
As it is hunting for the perfect meeting place and creating the perfect attitude.

Perhaps salvation is really only one part mine and nine parts God’s work:
If I can overcome the unbelief and accept Jesus and his mission, the rest follows.

Perhaps God’s grace is not sought
As much as applied.

Perhaps it’s not so much about desperately searching for God’s will
As learning to see the gifts God gave me and opportunities God opens to me.

Perhaps living a Christian life is first about accepting God,
Then spending my life learning to see God at work.

Perhaps I do not grow because I do not see where God’s work needs my gifts…
So again today I read my devotionals and turn my face towards God.

Thanks to the Becomers Sunday School Class discussion for the new ideas. Jo

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