Are You Sure About This?

There were signs of a change coming.
I felt the spiritual ground shifting.
God let us know his time for something different had come.

If we pay attention in life,
We sometimes can sense God working in the background.
In this instance I was, and knew God was up to something.

But now it’s no longer in the background.
He sent new opportunities, and we have responded.
And all is well in my spiritual world. Yes!

But my dreams say otherwise.
I’ve had the classic dreams of new situations
And the panic of not knowing what to do.

Dreams of being away from school a long time
For the extended break or summer
And not remembering what to do or my locker number or locker combination numbers.

Yep, all is not well.
I’ve realized I’m not all that ready to give up this relationship.
I’m not that sure I’m ready for the new adventure.

But I can’t go back now.
I’ve already committed to God’s way.
So, now it’s up to him.

I’ve made the preparations
I’ve done my part,
Now, God, work in my heart.

I know this is of you,
Soothe my spirit
Calm my heart.

Remind me again you are at work,
Your timing is perfect,
And you are always faithful.

Yes, this will be a new adventure
Because you are in it.
And you will help me find new paths of life and service.

Help me let go, not rebel against change;
Things change every day, it should be easier than this.
It should be a snap.

But it’s not.
So God, I take a deep breath, shut my eyes,
Hold fast to faith and here we go!

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