His best friends watched as Jesus
Met with God and became light.
Then two Old Testament prophets appeared.
The audience heard God say in essence:
This is my son, you can listen and believe him.
What more did they need?
Yet their reaction was to build a memorial.

So, are there times we see the heavens split open,
And something Happens that we want to remember?
Do we just take pictures with our mental cell phone?
Or do we take it into our hearts and let it change who we are?
Or better put, who I will be from now on?

But most of the time we don’t even realize we need to be transformed.
Obsessions, addictions, businesses of work, making money and saving for a future,
Raising our children, caring for our extended families,
Gathering power and possessions,
Assuring our place in the community,
Making a name for our self, (even for the glory of God) reaching for fame.
None of us escape the joys and difficulties of life.

Then, perhaps we have a medical scare,
A bush with death, or encounter God in an unexpected, wonderful way.
And we turn, calling out in Jesus name,
And finding God there, patiently waiting with hands extended.
Suddenly we are able to give our whole bundle of life,
Including our joy, and happiness as well as our obsessions and distractions,
Into his hands for healing of our brokenness, and gratefulness for the blessings.
And in that moment we understand transformation!

Oh God, help us live in that transformation.
Help us visit you often for continual transformation as we grow.
Help us give up the fear we won’t be the same person
If we don’t carry the same burdens.
Help us give each burden to you as we are confronted with them
Instead of hoarding them until we must withdraw from life just to deal with them.
God give us courage to seek transformation!

MARK 9:2-9

2 responses to “Transformed”

  1. What a timely poem! Thanks Jo for applying Jesus’ transfiguration also to our own lives. God bless you as you share your inspiration with us.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you are doing well. See you soon?


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