Waiting To Be Bored

At the moment I no longer
Run to town every day or so just to take care of a few things..
Things have changed,
And I’m adjusting.
But bored?
Not yet.

But I’m waiting to get bored.
Maybe I’ll be the one calling,
“Are you going to town today?”
Instead of friends calling
“I’m going to town, wanna come?”
Maybe I’ll be the one
Longing for another’s voice
Instead of joyfully responding
When a friend calls to chat.

So, while I’m waiting to be bored,
I’ll finally get the blankets washed. . .
Maybe, if you can believe it, wash a window or two.
I can have time to follow God’s calling:
Time for long meditation and devotions and prayer.
Time to finish writing projects,
And perhaps God will
Send someone who needs help
Writing their own book.

So, I guess while I’m waiting to be bored,
I’ll keep writing
Go with friends,
Serve my church,
Learn more about God’s call for me
Keep house,
Cook evening meals,
And have time to read and nap.

Hmmmm, perhaps I’ll consider not getting bored.
Maybe God knew I needed extra time,
To rest emotionally in comparative solitude,
To rediscover a well of spiritual health,
To be alone long enough in restorative quietness
That I have plenty of energy and joy to meet needs as they arise..
I think God is trying to tell me boredom is out of the question.

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