Staying Out of Trouble

So there it is, Psalms 119:98 – Your commands make me wiser than
My enemies for they are my constant guide.
As a Christian I’ve always believed two things I couldn’t prove Biblically:
One is I can change the atmosphere of my office or where I am
By exuding God’s graceful joy just as one person can ruin the atmosphere by constant negativity.
And the second is following God’s principles can give me wisdom beyond my experience
And keep me out of the kind of trouble people get into through stupidity.

And there it is in Psalms. Wisdom it the ability see beyond what’s right in front of me
And consider consequences while making the decision.
My husband says he didn’t get into a lot of trouble as a kid
Because he could always see how the activities were going to end.
God’s gift of wisdom can help us see beyond our experience and
Keep us out of trouble if we ask him to reveal to us the consequences.
But that is something we learn to ask for… Wisdom.

The passage talks about having more insight than ‘my teachers’
And in our humanity, that sometimes results in arrogance,
And we think that means we know more than our teachers.
However, wisdom is different than always knowing everything.
Wisdom is the ability to look beyond facts to their graceful application
For the benefit of those who are affected by those facts.
God’s gifts are companions for a lifetime.

3 responses to “Staying Out of Trouble”

  1. Amazing reminder! Great thoughts to keep the workplace a godly place to work.. Thanks for sharing this post 😉


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Blessings.


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