Don’t Touch My Christmas

I’m no longer a kid
Money is scarce,
The family just keeps getting bigger as kids grow up and have families of their own,
Commercialism creeps in,
And before I know it, I’ve heard it again.

Christmas is just for kids.
My hair stands up
My Hackles Raise
My inner child rebels.
Hey! I like getting and buying gifts. But of course, that’s not all.

There’s so much about Christmas kids don’t appreciate:
The caring, forethought and intense love that went into God’s gift,
The scope of God’s methods of revelation – from shepherds to kings,
And the angels and stars….
No… you can’t tell me Christmas is just for kids.

The adventure I began when I first accepted the Christmas story as meant for me,
The sustaining relationship,
The reason for life as all else fails,
And the celebrations of new beginning each year.
Round out the list.

Uh UH… don’t expect me to fall into that cynical, secular, I gave it up as childish trap.
Don’t mess with the gift of Christmas God meant for me to receive.
You won’t find me worrying about our ‘pagan origins’ non-celebrating brothers and sisters.
Let me concentrate on the gift – the cause of the celebration,
And the yearly, joyful renewal and re-boot it brings to my faith

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