The Mystics of Qutoka Bk. Three of USS M. Curie Discoveries

Book Three the USS M. Curie Discoveries
Book Three of the USS M. Curie Discoveries (In the 'Star Trek' tradition

Blown off course by an experiment, the Universal Science Ship M. Curie is rescued by a race of gentle giants who speak of being outside the realm. Chaplain Craig Lea discovers murals that aren’t what they seem, mysterious journies, and a way of entering the presence of God beyond human ability to experience. Yet, when the mystics discover where Humans come from, their place in the universe is celebrated and brought into sharp focus for the Believers aboard the M. Curie and Chaplain Lea.

Available for $10.95 at:
Ten Talents Publishing
147 Hwy 1206
Deville, LA 71328

And $3.95 on Kindle e-readers.

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