We, as a community of God live and die together.
It doesn’t matter our position or relation to the community.
We worry together, hurt together
And pray for one another while seeking practical things to do.

But it is true when one of us dies, we all die a little.
We revisit our own unresolved grief
We understand where we are still healing,
And remember together.

We, who have suffered similar losses,
Understand a little, while knowing our experiences are each unique.
In a sense we admit our understanding only eases the isolation of grief.
But even in that, the community gives strength to feel our grief.

We worry together
We hurt together
We reach out to each other,
And eventually we heal together.

One response to “Community”

  1. Cindy Robinson Avatar
    Cindy Robinson

    thanks for the reading on Community. How timely and true. I appreciate your insight and wisdom


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