I’m Still Here!

The allergies wrestled me to the ground
And forced an upper respiratory infection upon me.

I’ve held my ears
First to swallow, then to cough, and now to muffle the noise.

I’m still sitting up to sleep,
But can now do laundry and sit at my computer to type.

I prayed a lot,
Not having energy to do much else.

Obviously, my prayers were not intellectual,
But cries of the heart.

I’ve had these infections on and off most of my life
And haven’t died yet.

But it makes you wonder about me –
Why can’t God get my attention without the wheezing?

Yes, God is good – knows what He’s doing,
But when, God, can I quit carrying this box of tissues?

One response to “I’m Still Here!”

  1. Cindy Robinson Avatar
    Cindy Robinson

    isn’t life full of wheezing for one thing and another. I am sorry about yours though and hope soon you can leave the tissues behind. Especially today! What a day to rejoice!


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