It is a fact of nature that big things come from small.
Trees and adults alike start as seeds and embryos.
Songs are often born of feelings, poems of a passing conversation
And many a good marriage is born of a smile.

God help me remember who I am today didn’t happen just yesterday.
Yet what I am tomorrow is happening today.
That seems a contradiction, but life is made up of small steps.
Daily reactions and decisions from the situations you put me in.

Help me be sensitive to your leading in small things,
The way I react to a person, what I say to him or her,
How I decide to act on any given situation
Can begin molding my character and determine opportunities for witness.

Planning and looking to the future are good and necessary.
But help me attend to the sacredness of daily growth.
Give me wisdom to identify and implant the best daily activities
For me to grow into what you have for me in the future.

4 responses to “Perspectives”

  1. Good to remember that the little things add up to big things!

    On a different topic, our church is hiring a new choir director, a young man still in college, but he reminds me a lot of you, Jo! He could be your little brother!


    1. Thanks for writing. It’s good to hear from you.

      The musician’s name isn’t Cooper or Coleman or
      Dills is it? Those are the only names I might have relatives who would share musical heratige with. Hope he can sing better than me :).


      1. No, his name is Matthew Lee and I think he is in his late twenties. He is cheerful like you too!


      2. Enjoy his presence then. For years I’ve been convinced a smile can light up a life just as much as discouraging remarks can hurt. 

        Blessings Jo


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