New Thoughts on the Afterlife

I know I made a rather strong statement about heaven and hell.
I have made it before, and when I said it again today I stopped and considered it.
“My relationship with God is so real,
If there were no heaven,
It would be okay.”

Now, I believe in heaven, and hell for that matter.
But I find neither the glory of heaven
Nor the fear of hell
Are the reasons I put God first in my life.
I find it is the relationship itself that I value.

These have been my thoughts when I made the statement.
And I ask myself
After all that happens everyday in our lives,
And the way the world is today,
Is that enough?

Well, let’s see…
When I gave my life to God, I accepted a new way of life.
My motivation has been changed from self-satisfaction
To service-centered satisfaction.
I find satisfaction in building up instead of tearing down.

God became a constant companion,
Who listens to my rants, raves, anger, hurts, celebrations, joys, and laughter.
We enter every day together.
And I see what God allows into my life
Through the eyes of being among friends instead of alone.

I seek religion and ways to make my world better because of this relationship,
Not to prove I am worthy to qualify for the relationship.
God is my strength and song
And has become my salvation.
Step by step, day/week/year God has become the core of my life.

My bent is towards artistic melancholy and,
Only God knows what all he has saved me from.
But I Figure life would not be pretty
Or joyful. Or peaceful. Or healthy. Or giving
And it would be one crises after another.

So, I say I believe my relationship is so important for my life
Even if heaven as we think of it
Is totally different from reality,
It is okay…I don’t need a mansion or streets of gold…
I have a relationship with God.

2 responses to “New Thoughts on the Afterlife”

  1. He is our, best friend, confidant, love of our life, lifeline… and so much more. One needs only to love Him, not fear Him. Amen. * smiles*


    1. Thanks for your time and uplifting words. I looked at your site and will bollow your blog. I’m looking forward to more uplifting words. Blessings.


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