bowerjo43 sent you a note: Psalm 85, A RECOUNTING OF GOD’S WORK


I had an odd response to the writer of my devotional from Psalm 85.
She writes of a man in a prayer group telling them about God working in his past.
After he finished the leader said “Good. But that was 30 years ago.
What has God done for you lately?”
And for the first time in my life I resented the question.

It reminded me of the saying about a writer (actor, musician,preacher)
Is only as good as his/her last presentation.
I understand the intent.
It reflects the need to keep growing and constantly renewing the relationship with God.

But it also reflects our habit of throwing the past away
And dis- respecting what has gone before.
We forget the past is to be learned from.
We forget the backstory informs who we are becoming as we grow.

It is in the recounting of God’s past work in my life
That I find courage to trust him in today’s sudden challenge.
It is in reflecting upon past success
That I find courage to embark on a new, uncertain journey.

It is in knowing God’s past interaction with me
And listening to the stories of those around me
That I understand how to expect God to respond to me.
And in knowing the past, I walk confidently into my future in God’s service.

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