God’s All

I’m frustrated
When I try to get beyond the ‘we’re all the same in God’s sight” cop out,
And the word-service given to the philosophical acknowledgement of
Galatians chapter three verse twenty-seven’s resounding ALL.

I’m afraid we still think in terms of God approving and disapproving of everything,
And we assume we need to think in those terms.
But are we sure we have to hold opinions on everything,
And approve or disapprove of every thought, person and belief?

God’s ALL is not about approval and disapproval,
It’s about the worth of people.
And when we (Humans, not God) want to make ourselves look better,
We first make our detractors look unworthy.

People have been degrading others since the first person accepted slavery as an institution,
Since politics became a profession, since success or society’s approval, or wealth
Became the measurement of a person’s worth.
And it has seeped into the church and Christian’s attitudes between denominations and believers.

Competition seeps in and we resort to proving ourselves worthy and the ‘other’ not.
We tear down effectiveness; analyze to death with emphasis on the negative;
And apply what is no longer acceptable in today’s society to yesterday’s actions.
We try to prove worthy or unworthiness through approval or disapproval.

But God’s ALL is not about approval.
ALL who believe are worthy;
ALL have the same value.
All can become believers and be redeemed.

And as such, ALL enjoy God’s love.
With our actions we judge who God will find acceptable.
We make lists of what we agree and disagree with, approve and disapprove of
And forget God’s disapproval does not negate worthiness; it reflects our actions.

But when it comes down to politics – church or otherwise – ,
Denominational or personal survival, or establishing reputations in life or business,
God’s love goes out the window; we draw lines
And we fall back into the trap of approving/disapproving and attacking worthiness.

God, help us let You redeem our scornful natures.
Help us find the place to stand when we have disagreements of belief and ideas
Without degrading our opposition,
Without assuming our disapproval cancels Your (God’s) ALL.

So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. Galatians 3:26-27

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