Asking, Seeking, Knocking and Finding

Luke 11:9    (Moffat Translation)

Keep on seeking

And you will receive what you ask for.

Keep on seeking and you will find.

Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives. Everyone who seeks finds.

And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.


God I am seeking.

I am seeking your presence in the changes of life.

I am seeking your companionship as I explore the possibilities of life.

I am seeking your new path as it mingles with the path already traveled.

I am seeking your heart, your mind, your soul as

I am seeking ways to love you deeper with all my heart, mind and soul.

I seek your love, even as I seek ways to love my neighbor as myself.


God, I am asking.

I am asking for courage to do things I have not yet tried for you,

I am asking to be taught new ways to serve you.

I am asking for hope that work left behind will thrive in your grace.

I am asking to be led to new areas of service.

I am asking your help to find new ways to use gifts already bestowed by you.

I am asking for the new gifts I need for a new life.


God, I am knocking.

I am knocking at the door of your presence when I set with my devotions.

I am knocking when I express the music.

I am knocking when I volunteer my gifts to help others.

I am knocking when I close my eyes and lift my spirit in prayer.

I am knocking when I try to ease the burden of the one I love.

I am knocking to enter your presence to be refreshed so I can return to life and give again and again.


God, I am finding.

I am finding you are rewarding my seeking with knowledge to know what to seek for.

I am finding you answer my asking with knowledge of what is best asked for.

I am finding after I know what is best to seek and ask for, you open your door, and opportunities.

I am finding your presence –  sweet, always guiding, forever encouraging – in the middle of chaos.

I am finding new ideas, and new abilities, and new uses for old abilities.

I am finding you do reward – in your own way – seeking, asking, and knocking.

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