God Of All (An alphabet acrostic celebration)

Acrostic Psalm inspired by Psalm 111


Always faithful

Always loving

Always the same.



Because you, God designed us

Because you loving created.

Because you then showed your love through your very own son.



Calling me from constant sef-destructive introspection,

Calling to freedom from pursuit of the power struggles of life,

Calling us to a new, open, unshaded life.



Daring me to step beyond the extreme partisan of contemporary culture.

Daring me to become an appealingly unexpected example of God`s interaction with those he made.

Daring me to wake up, grow in trust and let him help me expand my life and find people to touch.



Ever tending, With your attention, God, on me as if I were your only responsibility.

Ever giving strength to each of us while minding the universal ‘store.’

Ever courteous: offering help, guidance, insight, leading  – allowing me to choose your way.



Forgiving my constant tendency to return to the self-centered places I once inhabited.

Forgiving when I put things or theology in your place and run back when I realize you’re not with me.

Forgiving when I forget you live in me, not in the church where I come to visit you.



Grace when I rebel.

Grace waiting for me to repent.

Grace I show tempers the need for justice; overcomes my need to be right.



Holy is not the label mis-applied and withdrawn by our changing ideas about or lack of worship.

Holy exists no matter what I think, do, or theorize – beyond my influence to change.

Holy is the divine God.



Intervention is God’s way of reminding me he is interested.

Intervention is what I call it when God’s work becomes visible in my world.

Intervention, is recognized when life is lived beyond coincidences with eyes turned toward God.



Just is God as the source of justice, which is far beyond mere fairness.

Just is the plumb line – Are the results of this action deserved by those it will impact?

Just is the God-given instinct of right, and beyond – to picking the best from evil, good  and possibly better.



Keeping me in his family, God doesn’t  ever open the door and shoo me out.

Keeping close to God is my job – allowing me as close as I choose is God’s reward for a job well done.

Keeping close to God helps me establish the balance between the active and contemplative ways of living.



Love is the very essence of God – God’s ever, always, and forever overriding love.

Love, so essential we trivialize, demean, deny, and make jokes to cover our quivering suspicions we aren’t worthy of it.

Love is the beginning and end of all, and if we don’t turn it toward God, we substitute family, if not that art, or . . .



Moving to a deeper understanding, God, our relationship is alive, growing, pausing, moving ahead again.

Moving on in life as I encounter set backs, sorrows, death, and things not working out as I wish.

Moving on is only possible in God’s presence and help.



No substitute for God, and as I grow in grace, I have less and less inclination to go looking.

No place but God to go to for help and recovery – even when it’s all his fault.

No is the answer from God I do not understand, yet if I hear from God only what I want to hear, why did I trust to ask?



Overcoming life`s challenges as all around me shifts causing waves of uncertainty to sweep in, leaving me needy.

Overcoming despair as I acknowledge pleasure is the language of the day, instead of the language of the sacred.

Overcoming helpless feelings when I accept the job God puts in front of me instead of merely becoming overwhelmed.



Plenty of grace.

Plenty of strength.

Plenty of resources from God for any imaginable circumstance as well as wisdom for daily life.



Quickly come, Lord Jesus, hear my plea. I need you more now than ever.

Quickly I say I believe and yet how slowly I invite God into all parts of my whole life.

Quickly I must learn to come to you, God, first instead of trying everything I know before throwing it at you in frustration



Rejoicing night and day sounds fun, but it’s sometimes hard work.

rejoicing in God’s past graciousness creates that pocket of courage to visit when I hit the rough spots.

Rejoicing benefits all – God as I show gratitude, me as I put words to feelings, and others as they take courage.



The steadfast love of God the Psalms speak of is sometimes as uncomfortably fierce as it is comfortably reassuring.

Steadfast is a platform held up by God from which I can examine new ideas, withstand attacks, and encounter life.

Steadfast is not the same as stuffy, stuck, old-fashioned, or fearful of the new; it is merely measured forward movement.



Trust is the basis of the relationship between me and God, yet it is the hardest to grasp and keep hold of.

Trust resists explanation, breaking down into smaller components for understanding. Either you do or don’t trust.

Trust has to be proven, worked on, tended to, watered, and fed or it erodes into maybe instead of Yes!.



Undergirding is beneath the foundation. God not only created the universe, he created its building blocks.

Undergirding from me to you is support even if I don’t understand or approve – me holding you up the God in prayer.

Undergirding from God is the source of the spiritual life and makes all joy possible.



Victory is not a trivial cry when I win a game.

Victory is the putting away a struggle with God’s grace and never to be taken up again.

Victory is as often a quiet resolution of a struggle as it is a noisy celebration



Wonderful, glorious savior, usher us into your presence as we seek your face.

Wonderful is full of wonder at God’s being, his grace, guidance, and empowerment for a new life.

Wonderful is so wonderful it is a cliché.



Yes, God is all

The beginning

And the end.

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