Life Is Not A Sing-a-Long

Sing a new song
Let it raise the roof.
Worship from the heart.
Put all you are into the worship.
I am a pianist.
I know what it means to be lost
In the presence of God through music.
And at times I only play the notes.
As a musician the things I miss
In this wonderful praise and worship era
Are the deep, rich harmonies.
And being able to walk into most any church
And have a shared knowledge of the music they sing.
I end up listening, enjoying the music, humming and singing along.
But it is as if it is the special music,
Not flowing out of my heart.
Psalm ninety-eight
Reminds me life is not a sing-a-long.
We are called to put our own heart and voice
Into our Christian lives:
Create our own life-song
From our hearts,
Instead of lip – syncing someone else’s song,
Relying on someone else’s experience.
Think deeply for yourself
Using other’s thoughts as springboards.
Sing from your heart
Not just hum along to other’s with another ‘s experience.
Repent from your sorrow,
Not another ‘s laid-on guilt trip.
Rejoice in your own gladness,
Not merely rejoicing with others in their gladness.
The joy of music is in its participation
Either in its creation or immersed listening.
The Christian life is most alive and joyful
In our wholehearted participation.
Take God into your life
And let him be present in your whole person,
Instead of adopting a way of thinking
That merely supplies a code of ethics.
A good  command of one’s instrument
Does not a musician make.
A relationship with God
Does not rely on technique.
Life with God is
More than a mere sing-a-long.
It is the full engagement of spiritual music
That comes from deep within our being.
From Psalm 98 

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