I was pleased with the rhythm of last year.
I had found a balance at last.
It didn’t go too fast,
But it went fast enough.
God had inspired people to help in ministries
And they faithfully committed.
We hit our stride.

Oh, everything didn’t go as planned.
Things rarely do.
But they were close enough.
I took heart and thanked God for the peace.
I could discern enough of the spiritual growth that took place
To know God was working among us.
And we rejoiced together.

And now, I take a deep breath a meet the new year.
And already things are changing.
People’s schedules change,
Marriage, a new boyfriend or a girl friend, new babies or grandchildren are to be rejoiced over.
The children we work with are constantly changing,
And it’s all I can do is keep the material we work with
Relevant to their in-between stages.

And in the middle of this muddle,
God taps me on the shoulder.
“You’re stewing again,”
He gently reminds me.
“Didn’t I take care of last year?”
“Didn’t I send the right number of workers needed?
And just the right number of people to be ministered to?”

And I have to stop.
Things are changing: the whole church, each person in it.
And the people I meet every day are as needy as ever.
But as so much changes, so much stays the same.
People need to know they are loved.
They need to know their efforts are appreciated and well accepted.
We all need the encouragement God tells us to give to each other.

And I turn back to God.
“Yes,” he promises. “I will give you what you need.
I will renew your strength.
I will work among the changing church and people.
I will bless the ministries I have established among you.
I will be there when things don’t go as planned,
And give you inspiration on what to do when they don’t.”

And I find hope for the new year.
God hasn’t gone away, even when things have changed.
God will do this year as he did last year.
He will not leave.
In the middle of rumors, changes, redirected attention,
Growth, sorrow, happiness, and every day joy,
I will find God and rejoice.

2 responses to “CARRY ON”

  1. ”And I find hope for the new year.
    God hasn’t gone away, even when things have changed.
    God will do this year as he did last year.
    He will not leave.” – This touched me. Great poem here! Thanks for sharing Jo 🙂


    1. Joyce: Thank you your time to read and comment. I have been enjoying your blogs also. Thanks


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