Prelude to A Ministry

Oh God, my God.
I prayed for harvesters for the field.
Just as we were challenged this year at camp meeting.

And first came new ideas.
Then a member volunteered to help.
Then a child’s mother called and said she would like to help.

God, you answered prayer.
Now what do I do?
We are open to meeting the needs of these people.

We want to respond wisely.
We want to make them feel welcome.
We are ready to give up control.

Now, help us change
So new people are integrated into your work.
And everyone comes closer to you.

Help us to help the parents who help.
And that’s the hierarchy – We seek your wisdom and strength.
Then we can help people who come to help us.

Help work together to do you work.
Help us to minister to each other as adults while we work together.
Help us be your representatives.

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