In The Beginning

It’s a wonderful thing to be there at the beginning.
Those first steps.
When someone asks
How do ask Jesus into my heart?

Where this will lead is unknown.
What will the growing up in Christ look like?
What kind of heartaches will come?
And what about the joys and opportunities?

I pray for vital, sustained growth.
I pray the falling back times are few.
I pray the joy of the Lord becomes primary
As God becomes the center of this new life.

What a precious thing is the beginning.
God, Help us be faithful examples,
Leading, positively, without negative lectures.
Yet may our corrections be loving and helpful.

God, protect and gently mold this new life.
Keep it alive in all the things of life.
How we want to take care of it ourselves.
But now, God, we put them in your hands.

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