God, life goes smoothly for a while
I feel needed, important and special
And suddenly something happens
To make me feel totally mundane.

I’m reminded I’m no different
Than thousands of other people:
No special luster, no great talent, no position in life.
And I feel lost, small and insignificant.

I guess I expected more, I suppose we all do.
Sadly, I have to learn the hard way.
These are times influenced by economics and institutions,
When I am but a number or an employee.

This I know and feel, sometimes acutely.
Yet I cannot allow it to dwarf my life.
I must find a way to express who and what I am.
I must find a way to somehow make a difference.

I search for that which makes me an individual.
And when I find those things, I give them to you,
You magnify them so your glory shines through them.
Through you I find I am the one and only me.

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