Just One Little Whine?

Everything I’ve tried to write lately comes out whiney.
All at once, I find I’m weary of things.

I’m tired of the media’s constant, insistent, dredging up the worst parts
And presenting them as the whole of things.

I long to hear about things as they are … Not the EXTREME version of everything,
As if middle of the road, solid, faithful people, and a deep belief in God are to be scorned.

And the list goes on… I’m sorry God.
How did I get here? But do I have to face it right now?

Can’t I have just a little whine?
Just one little “Why me?”

Indulge in just a little self pity?
A short pity party?

Can’t I let out one tiny, little hurt sound?
Without actually falling into a huddled mass?

I’ll get over it soon, I won’t get stuck here.
I promise I’ll be back to my sunny self soon.

Just give me a minute to dwell here in Negative Land.
Well, maybe two.

Deep breath.
So, God, life’s tough isn’t it?

You gonna be here with me?
“What did I do to make you think I wouldn’t?” he answers gently.

Well, nothing really. Come to think, I’ve not seen anything lately. Aha! There’s the problem.
“Maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong place?” God prompts.

Oh, sure, it’s my fault.
I sigh and almost hear God chuckle.

Oh, all right, I’ve let my focus wander.
I’ve let pop-culture’s view of religion and God get to me.

I’ve fallen into the ‘I’ve got to please everyone’ or I’m not a Christian trap.
And God, it seems even you can’t please these contrary people you insist on creating.

“Let me worry about that?” God proposes.
But then what’s left for me to worry about?

Again the chuckle.
Oh, I guess that’s kind of the point.

I’ve taken responsibility for ideas and situations I didn’t create.
I’ve let what I can’t influence become my obsession.

And God reminds me I’m responsible for that which he puts in my life.
And all I am needs to be focused on what I can do – not what I can’t.

Okay, God, I’ve got it. Thanks for the direction.
“You asked, and I’ll always be with you.”

Good. So, I’ll get back to work here soon,
But first can’t I have just one little whine?

2 responses to “Just One Little Whine?”

  1. Loved it…thanks for the smiles…and truth.


    1. A little smile never hurt the truth. blessings, jo


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