Keep Believing

Keep Believing

I’m a moderate person in most things.
I don’t jump on bandwagons
Just because they come down my street.

I just let the far left or far right peoples’ arguments go over my head.
I resist the ‘if you’re not like me, you’re wrong!’ people.
I ignore the ‘if you just do it this way, you will succeed!’ rhetoric.

I haven’t seen things in black and white since I was twelve.
My belief is not formed by peer pressure as can happen in young faith.
I’m trying to say I’m not easily influenced.

But it seems to me we’ve come to the point where if you are a public person, or company
And dare express and share your faith,
You are suddenly ‘microscoped.’

Every word, thought, past deed, every conversation, every failure
Is suddenly is the world’s darkest secret, worse failure or stupidest slip of the tongue.
Or, in the case of a company, the worse conspiracy is the history of business!

In the world we live in I suppose that is the cost we need to be willing to pay.
Not only is being hyper-critical a hobby, it has become the news.
Everyone and thing we do is assigned an agenda whether we have one or not.

Transparency of life
While the goal of Christian living,
Is simply not allowed by the demand that we all be political people.

And I’m officially weary: Tired of nit-picking,
Of party above the good of the country, the broadcast news’ war of extreme ideology,
And public, church and private politics.

And I’m discouraged by people twisting and using God’s name and religion
As a framework on which to hang their latest cause, and
Trying to make my relationship with God into a political movement.

On the other hand, I’m weary of the media
Who automatically demean ideas, people and movements
Simply because they don’t match their preset idea of reality.

I rejoice when things the critics hate hit it big.
I love it when the wrong person succeeds or finds love or fulfillment;
When life and God show a sense of humor.

But beyond that, I wonder what I am supposed to do.
My relationship with God informs my whole life.
I live that way, come success, failure, politics, wealth or fame.

But no one asks me how to fix what wearies me.
No one really cares what I even think.
So, I ask God, “Now who am I supposed to be, what do I do?”

Fall into the whining trap? Find a soap box cause? Become cynical? Join the far right?
Become a person with an agenda looking for a cause to use as a vehicle?
But those things aren’t me, not what God asks of me.

“So God, what do I do?” And God is faithful, answering,
“Let our relationship be the framework on which to hang your prayers, politics, and life.
And whatever you do, keep believing.”

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