Why Begin?

For, in His work of bringing many sons to glory, it was fitting that he for whom everything exists and through whom everything exists, should make the pioneer of salvation fully adequate for his destined work through suffering. Hebrews 2:10

We understand that word in America.
It’s part of our history.
We cherish the memory of it, even now
As it falls in and out of favor with our popular cultural’s acceptance.

Why begin?
We begin something to:
Fulfill our own needs, do something new,
Find satisfaction, make a living,
Provide a service, or use a talent.

But this is a different thing.
It goes beyond blazing a trail.
This is to begin something
That not only calls others to follow,
But also provides them with the ability to follow.

We come close with the mentoring or enabling ideas of today.
But it’s more than that.
It’s doing something so singular
The rest could not follow, or accomplish what is called for,
Until, or unless we begin it.

Jesus as a pioneer of our salvation
Meets all the ideals.
He suffered so we understand that he understood
Shame, misunderstanding, being a victim of the press so to speak,
An occasional victory, moments of glory, of defeat and finally death.

He showed us God, and how God would like to interact with us.
Yet, Jesus Christ goes beyond that.
God did some powerful and mysterious things to and through Jesus.
Things we don’t understand exactly, but we do understand
Jesus went before us then returned to help us follow.

In this sense, a true pioneer doesn’t stand on the mountain top, hands raised,
Yelling, “I did it! Look at me! This is wonderful! Look how beautiful all this is!’
That’s an explorer.
A pioneer goes to the mountain top, then returns,
Carefully marking the way, and leads others from the valley to the heights.

Jesus experienced it all, and in his final suffering
Identified with our greatest fear – death.
And because of his experience and God’s work through him,
We are drawn to the way of life God offers us.
And learn it is possible to be that way as Jesus lives in us.

God, make us pioneers.
Not cheerleaders,
Not policemen, lawyers, theologians or philosophers
Discussing and approving of, or disapproving of the world’s morals.
But make us the new pioneers to show how life in Christ is possible and desirable, even today.

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