Readers’ Plays’ Weird Twist

Readers' Plays for Small Churches (of Any Size)
Play book by Jo Bower


Available at 


Ten Talents Publishing, 147 Hwy 1206, Deville La 713208  for $10.00 plus $2.00 postage 

 Wouldn’t it be strange if after starting with devotional writing in books such as The Upper Room, Light from The Word and Pathways to God, moving into an inspirational science fiction series and falling in love with the whole idea, I become best known for the readers’ plays? But it looks like that is what is happening. I’m excited about it. It fulfills the dream God gave me many years ago.  I think it meets a ned for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to learn scripts, not a lot of money for props, or just a small group within a large church who are interested in drama. Go to it! Let me know how you have changed to plays to meet your situation. Improvisation is the name of the whole process. 

I have written a new short drama illustrating the parable of the sower of the seeds in Matthew 13 if anyone is interested. We used it to close out the year with our Wednesday night kids.   

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