I Wanted to Play Piano … But…

I wanted to be a professional musician. All my life I dreamed of being on the stage, playing the piano. I’m  an improvisational sacred pianist…. I arrange music for piano. My husband, Monty, plays violin, so we arrange our music together. I play a mean piano for God.

But something happened. God sent me in a new direction. And now I’m playing piano for my local situation, and reaching a few people through writing and publishing. My struggle with God over all this is documented in text and through my journals in a book that will be out next summer. It’s called I THINK I LOST MY WHY.

Meanwhile, I will be blogging about my science fiction series of novels and drama.

I’m married to a minister, for a long time now, and am active in children’s’ ministries as well as playing piano. I also document my struggles and joys as a pastor’s wife in the new book. 

On the internet, somewhere, is a review of my first two novels. It’s the worst review ever. Whoever wrote it hated that I build on the pop culture sci-fi series universe and use some of the technology we all take for granted now. He/she hated my characters. Hated my style. Hated my editor!  Never said a word about content. After I cried myself to sleep, it’s merely frustrating. It’s like a musician giving all she has, is drained from all  the emotion, has to be carried off the stage, and someone turns to another and says…. “I thought the mic was turned up too loud.”  Totally missed the point.  I’ve not given up, nor have I gone back to check if he bought the third novel.

God keeps pushing and pulling me. The journey is worth it. Join me for that journey.

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